Monday, 3 September 2012

Work, Apps and the cloud ...

For the seven inch tablet I decided only to install a small set of apps, all strictly work related:

  • Evernote – note organiser/documentation manager
  • Skydrive – access to documents stored on skydrive
  • Dropbox – document exchange service
  • Epistle – text editor that writes straight to Dropbox
  • TextEdit – minimalist text editor with email capability
  • LaTeX – technical editor
  • Wordpress – blogging application
  • Eduroam – network finder application

as well as the usual twitter, gmail and calendar applications. Nothing much else other than a weather app and some newpaper apps in case I end up stuck somewhere.

The idea is to only add applications that deliver value – so I imagine there will be a number of document viewers for Libre/Open Office and Microsoft Office files stored on skydrive and dropbox.

The secondary idea is to make this device as state free as possible with all documents pushed to cloud services as much as possible – that way documents should always be accessible from any device – an 'any time, anywhere' martini style service.

One thing I havn't considered is printing.

While there are a number of printershare applications out there I've never actually ended up using them, despite having installed them on my existing tablet – basically if you want to print it, you probably want to save it somewhere meaning you can print from some other host.

The interesting question will be to see what other applications I end up adding ...

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dgm said...

something brke on a remote host so I've also installed an ssh client to give me a terminal session ...