Monday, 17 September 2012

Two weeks with the seven incher ...

I've been using my little seven inch tablet for a fortnight or so, and I must say it doesn't disappoint.

The ability to type notes as we go and then save them to dropbox or evernote is incredibly useful, as is having a browser to check things, or be able to search one's evernote documents (to give some perspective I have around 3000 separate notes.

On the downside, battery life and power management has been interesting to say the least. Let's just say that using wifi chews battery and leaving it in standby mode is not the answer – it has a tendency to suddenly wake up. On the other hand, if it's reasonably charged it will cope with three or four hour's use reasonably well.

Having a car charger has been useful – I plug it in on the way in and on the way home to give it a jolt which helps me get through the day.

I've also pruned the application choice somewhat. I'd added a printershare app and then found it less than useful. LaTeX has gone to be replaced with TeD. I've added the connectBot ssh client, but I've also got rid, for the moment, of the newspaper apps.

It also managed (or maybe I did accidentally) to screw up it's internal storage to the extent of needing an OS reset, which at least gave me the opportunity to comprehensively de-crud it.

I'll persist and post again about how useful it is as what is essentially a netbook replacement ...

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