Wednesday, 19 September 2012 is closing

Strictly speaking this is a service announcement - for quite a few years now I've used to let people schedule meetings with me.

It's been especially useful when scheduling skype calls with colleagues overseas as it's avoided the 'if it's 5 PM in Canberra it's just a little too early in Manchester' to and fro.

As of 3 December will close. Unfortunate, but then as I never paid for the service, always using the free version, I've no reason to feel more than mildly irritated. It also points to one of the inherent problems with using many of the free services out there - sometimes they fail and sometimes they just go away. For example, in the past year I've lost both of my third party unix shell accounts, ie my command line login on time sharing machines not on any of the networks I normally connect to.

Not essential, but mildly useful to check things out, or make sure that a firewall somewhere was doing what it should.

More concretely, I've now changed to a Doodle service that lets you file meeting requests and check my availablity. If you have my link squirrelled away somewhere, please update your contacts file appropriately ....

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