Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Actually using the seven incher for work ...

Today I used the seven inch tablet in anger to take notes during a four hour workshop session this morning.

Whie it could be argued that in the way I've set up the tablet I've basically created a netbook style environment, or more accurately an environment like that of the original Eee netbooks there are a couple of key differences.

Data is saved to the cloud where possible. This morning I saved it straight to Dropbox from epistle. Once the workshop was over I headed back to my office and used Libre Office to fix up the myriad typos and pretty up the layout for legibility and then saved them as a pdf direct into evernote.

The other key point is it was a four hour session. I took around four pages of notes. My battery was more on less 100% when I started and just under forty when I finished – better than a netbook, better than my MacBook pro.

Size. Like a netbook it's light, and hence easy to carry, And having Evernote on it it's easy to show people related material in an informal chat afterwards and if necessary email it to them.

So, looks promising. Will post an update after a couple of week's use ...

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