Saturday, 19 November 2022

Evernote has been sold

 In among all the news about the chaos at Twitter you might have missed the news that Evernote has been sold.

Evernote is, at heart a document management application that lets you organise a large amount of documentation thematically, be they pdf's of tax invoices, or web pages about the use of the long S ( ſ ) in early nineteenth century typography.

For a long time Evernote was the go to application to do this and even now, the only real alternative is OneNote (or else a shoebox full of notecards), so as someone who's been using Evernote extensively for over ten years, I was a little concerned.

However, I was not panicking as Microsoft had quite a nice little tool to import Evernote documents into OneNote.

However I'm saying had advisedly - if you go to Microsoft's web page on moving from Evernote to OneNote there's a disheartening bit of information in a rather small font

which is a trifle unfortunate. 

There is a commercial utility from Bitrecover, but that really only converts Evernote documents to word files or pdf's, meaning that you would then have to manually load in each note into OneNote.

Well, even though I've had a number of severe prunes of my Evernote notebooks over the years, I've still got over 500 notes, and the idea of manually recreating them doesn't immediately appeal ...

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