Saturday, 5 November 2022

Getting rid of pinterest

I've been using pinterest to collect images, mostly of the Austro-Hungarian empire and nineteenth century Scotland, plus images of old medical products.

A few days ago I had an email from Pinterest telling me that one of the Egon Schiele images had been disallowed on grounds of fetishism - something which pissed me off royally, given the image had been up there for over seven years, and he's only like, one of greatest artists of the early twentieth century.

Put it this way, the Vienna School of Art let him in the year after they told a certain A. Hitler he wasn't a good enough artist for place in the art school. Equally, while I like Egon Schiele for his command of line,  I'm also the first to admit that a lot of his work has an uncomfortable edgy feel that's not for everyone, so fair enough, their site, their rules. 

(The Wikipedia article on Schiele has a decent gallery of his work, but some of it is NSFW - don't look if you're offended by raw earthiness.)

Now, I havn't used Pinterest seriously for three or four years, so I deleted my account.

I then realised that that was a stupid thing to do as there's material in there I might want in the future. Fortunately Pinterest have a cooling off period, whereby if you log back in within two weeks your account is reactivated..

Now I had a couple of thousand images in Pinterest, so no way was I going to download them manually. Fortunately, there's a Chrome plug in called Pindown that lets you bulk download contents from an individual Pinterest board.

So I ate humble pie, logged back into Pinterest to get my data back, used Pindown to download the collections I wanted, and then re-deleted my account and uninstalled Pindown. (Actually I did this twice as I realised I'd missed some stuff first time around.)

I'd been using Facebook to authenticate to Pinterest, so after I was really sure I'd got everything I wanted, as a final move I went to my Facebook settings and removed access.

Job done!

I've now got an extra quarter of gigabyte on OneDrive but given I've got over a terabyte, that's not a problem, and any extra data will be clipped to OneNote with a bit of cataloguing information ...

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