Friday, 12 July 2013

Today I ordered a Chromebook ...

I've written about Chromebooks in the past, and some of my doubts still remain and the lack of Skype is a major irritant.

However last night my Windows 7 Dell laptop took 45 minutes to boot after Microsoft's latest upgrades. To be fair, after a restart boot time was about the same as usual - reasonable but by no means fast.

While I was in Sri Lanka we took a Windows netbook with us, which worked well, but took an irritatingly long time to boot, and would, as always with windows, download and then insist on installing updates at inappropriate times - when you are about to go for a flight like hell do you want to wait while Windows fiddles with itself.

I've also said in the that I can do most of my work on the web. I've also been successfully using my seven inch android tablet and keyboard combo for note taking, but I'm afraid Steve Jobs was right, and I either need some surgery on my fingers or a bigger keyboard for full out writing.

So, I've put my money where my mouth is and ordered a Chromebook - a refurbished unit from Acer's factory outlet. I did think about the sexy Samsung model but more prosaic Acer alternative seemed a significantly better deal, especially if I end up screaming in frustration and installing Chrbuntu or Crouton ...

[update 16/07/2013 - it's taken Acer to decide  that they can't deliver to a post office box despite the fact that their website states they use Australia Post, the very same people who provide my post office box - we'll see how it arrives ...]

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