Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Chromebook - first week

It's a week since I first acquired my Chromebook and it's been good so far.
We'll gloss over the embarrassing moments when I tried to click on a button on a web page by touching the screen, or indeed when I tried to swipe between windows.
In fact it's proved pretty good for writing and for web based research - we use dit at the weekend to check out background information for what might possibly be our next trip and write up notes.
While it's not instant on, it's no slower to start than my no name tablet and certainly a lot faster than either of my windows based machines, even from hibernate.
Typing is good, and while there's a couple of oddities with the mousepad I havn't quite mastered yet, switching between windows and opening new windows is pretty good.
To my relief the system appears to cope quite well with our erratic ADSL connection and happily switches to offline editing, which is fine for writing.
I've also been using InoReader, my web based RSS reader of choice these days, on it without any problems.
While I've had it on the kitchen bench I still prefer my tablet for breakfast time email checking, and flicking through a couple of news apps - while we still get a print newspaper delivered, the delivery people appear to have been taking lessons from our ISP, with a very liberal interpretation of before 0700 recently.
And I think that's part of the clue to replacing the Eee linux netbook as a travel computer - the Chromebook does all the work stuff, the writing, the banking and so on, and take a tablet to do Skype and basic surfing, and the stuff that works better in a hand held environment, ie the Chromebook is good, better than a windows netbook, but not a complete replacement ...
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