Monday, 22 July 2013

Shiny new Chromebook

Well my refurbished Chromebook has arrived - and rather nice it is too.

Connecting to the campus network was fun - connecting to the standard slow network just worked, but our more secure network that uses Radius authentication was rather more of a puzzle.
Being me I of course tried entering all the settings by hand - after all I was the guy who worked out the settings for linux connections.
After trying to do all the clever stuff, with I might add zero success, the answer turned out to be mindbogglingly simple - select the network type (PEAP) enter your username and password and leave everything else as default.

ChromeOS obviously worked it out from the settings and came up with a working configuration.

Other than that initial little snafu it's sleek, it's light and it works - however I'm yet to test it on our flaky home connection and see how it copes with our on again/off again network.

Even though it's a basic model the screen is reasonably sharp and gives the impression of a decent product and it's pretty good weightwise at 1.4kg and thin enough not to squat in your bag like a fat oversized hardback.

The keyboard is a standard chiclet style keyboard and good enough to type on and the trackpad is responsive and generously sized - using it is certainly more of a quality experience than my windows netbook which lumbers when it gets out of bed. Even offline it should make a pleasant writing machine.

As always it's experience that will show just how useful it turns out to be long term ..
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