Monday, 8 July 2013

Google Reader replacements

Well, nearly a week since Google Reader went to the great filestore in the sky.

After a few dalliances I've settled on InoReader as it doesn't seem to have some of the performance problems/growing pains of the OldReader or Feedly.

InoReader, being web based allows me to switch platforms easily, but does have the disadvantage of not currently having an android client.

During the transition I used netNewswire occasionally and I still have an affection for it as a product - simple, light, and with a sensible set of integrations but without remote syncing it loses some of its usefulness.

And that's the rub - I'm an OS tart flitting from Windows, to Mac, to Linux to Android and back again. The loss of reader reinforces how dependent I've become on synchronisation and the ability to flit between platforms and at the same time to what extent the underlying operating system has become irrelevant, with the use of browser based applications, or for more classic applications files increasingly saved to dropbox or Google Drive, and then reopened on a different platform with a different application.

If it wasn't for the wonderfully erratic state of our home internet connection, something reinforced by our recent trip to Sri Lanka where the internet was pretty nearly universally available and very stable, a Chromebook would almost certainly work for me. 

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