Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Using Alpine with outlook.com

On Friday I wrote that you could now use imap with Microsoft's Outlook.com mail service.

I also wrote that I'd had problems getting it to work with evolution on a virtual box vm running crunchbang. I still don't know why it didn't work but I'm happy to report that Alpine - the newer updated replacement for Pine - works just fine on the same vm.

Pine is a mail program with a heritage going back to the early nineties and was one of the first mailers to use imap.

It was extensively used on multi user unix systems, and when I was managing York's early nineties managed pc desktop service we used pc-pine as a pc mail client due to licensing and performance problems with the other windows imap clients available at the time. (This wasn't such a problem as it might be, existing Unix pine users made the shift pretty seamlessly, we could reuse the training materials and documentation from the Unix version, and I wrote a program (in Turbo Pascal no less) to automatically populate a user's confirguration file the first time they ran the application.)

I of course havn't used Pine seriously for years, and had never used Alpine in production, so I used Sanjeeva Wijeyesakere's post on setting up Alpine with gmail as a starting point. Basically if you follow his advice but set the inbox path to


and the smtp server to


as well as setting the domain name


and the personal name


it all worked. Obviously you replace myusername with your account name. Being old school I edited the .pinerc file directly with nano rather than using the Alpine configuration menu. You could of course use gedit, vi, or any other text editor.
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Unknown said...

hey thanks dgm, this post helped me setup alpine on my old system.

Amar Vyas said...

This post was helpful, I was looking for a low-resource (and bandwidth) email client, and recalled (al)pine from my grad school days...the setup was easy, and I am able to send and receive emails@ Yay.

A quick update: the following smtp settings worked for me: