Friday, 13 September 2013

Students and Public access computers

In the building in which I work we have a raft of public access computers for students.

In the old days - like last year - students would come up to them, log in, do work, such as writing papers or running some specialist software, log off, and go away.

Recently I've noticed an increasingly common trend whereby they put their laptop on the desk, work on their laptop, and at the same time use the public access computer to access some specialist resource.

It's not a rational behaviour but I've seen it often enough to reckon that it's a thing now.

It looks like either students have not worked out about sharing content from their university filestore (it's a webdav mount), or we've failed in the communication business by either not telling them this, or not making it easy for them to push data back and forth.

It also lends credence to my belief that students have to a large extent self outsourced their computing needs, and that the name of the game is connectivity and access to specialist services...
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