Friday, 13 September 2013 and evolution

Microsoft have recently announced that their email service now supports IMAP.
So I thought I'd try it with that well known linux gui email client, evolution. I've previously got evolution to work with office 365 so I thought it would be straight forward - change the name of the servers and set the client to be imap and it should work (and royally confused me to boot).

It does - or more accurately it does with evolution on ubuntu with a standalone, real machine it works fine. Installing it on a crunchbang linux virtual machine it doesn't for reasons I havn't got to the bottom of.

However setting it up is quite simple - basically if you give a Microsoft mail service style address evolution will try and set you up for pop.

To override this change the server type under receiving mail to imap, set the server to and the port to 993 with ssl encryption enabled. For sending mail set the server to  with port 587 with tsl encryption - should then just work ...

As I've said before the only real use case for this is Libre/Open office integration and the ability to send emails from inside of the application. I suspect that the number of habitual linux users with accounts is fairly small, unless like me, you've been using the service since 1998
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