Friday, 26 April 2013

So what do you actually use - quarterly update

Back on January 24 I posted an article summarising what tools I actually use and undertook to track and review my use throughout the year.

So far there's not much change in the applications used, it's more my adoption of markdown as a basic documentation format.

One of my common workflows now is to use a text editor, such as text edit on my tablet to take notes during a meeting in markdown format, sync them to dropbox, clean them up using either Kate (Linux) or TextWrangler (Mac), push them through pandoc to make an odt format file.

I then use Libre Office to apply a standard template and then email the documents as pdf's to evernote and any other relevant parties.

Other than that my only other addition is postbox as a lightweight email client for windows and GanntProject for gannt charts and nice pdf reports

My amended list now reads:

Dropbox – used mainly to sync files across computers irrespective of file format
Libre Office – platform agnostic document editor for off line writing. Often used in conjunction with Dropbox
Evernote – used as a notes and document management system (Nixnote is used on Linux to access my evernote files)
Wunderlist for 'to do' list management
Chrome – browser extraordinaire
Gmail – email solution
Postbox - lightweight email client for windows to cope with slow connections
Evolution - linux email client principly used in conjunction with Libre Office
Google docs – fast means to create quick and dirty documents irrespective of platform
Windows Live writer – offline blog post creation
TextEdit – android text editor for note taking and integrates nicely with evernote and Gmail
Kate - my favourite editor
TextWrangler - my secondmost favourite editor
Pandoc - converts markdown to a range of other formats
Microsoft Skydrive – used for document backup
Excel Web App – for these occasions when Google Spreadsheets or Libre Office Calc will not do
GanntProject for gannt chart generation
Google reader for rss feed management - but changing to Feed demon
Twitter for tracking interesting things – rarely for messaging
Hosted Wordpress and blogger for blogging, and wikidot for creating structured web pages

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