Monday, 22 April 2013

a little twitter observation

I have a twitter feed, and it usually trucks around with 200+ followers.

I actually started the feed as a way of archiving bookmarks rather than as a means of communication, but I reckoned that, if anyone wanted to follow it, so much the better, but it has stayed a fairly idiosyncratic personal feed.

I spent last week in Daylesford, in central Victoria, again by accident off then net. Not totally true, I had  my phone but I spent the time doing human things and not posting updates to twitter.

You'd expect the number of followers to go down, as anyone following me out of curiousity would have got pretty bored that past week. Likewise the spammers and os on would have gone away,

Nope, the follower count went up.

I don't have a rational explanation. It's not an invasion of robots or people trying to get me to click on links for dubious reasons. In fact most look fairly legitimate.

Just odd ...

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