Tuesday, 23 April 2013


one thing I’ve learned since we’ve taken to going to remoter places with network connections that resemble wet string, is that web mail is not that good an idea. The connection assumes that you have bandwidth at your disposal and that you can be reasonably chatty.
Not so. I’ve reverted to a desktop mail client that works well on a minimal netbook windows seven install and talks nicely to gmail. I did try the free windows live email client but that seemed clunky, and slow to start up.
I’ve moved over to PostBox, which is not special, just a nice simple lightweight three pane client that seems to work well, and what’s more, integrates nicely with libre office.
So, if you need a client that can work offline – try postbox – they're online at http://www.postbox-inc.com/ and you’ll be sure to find it and the supporting doco …

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dgm said...

for the record, I was so taken with the product I ended up paying my $10 for it - that's serious !