Monday, 11 February 2013

The other thing powering up an old imac showed me

I've been having a burst of linux activity recently, as might be evidenced by my forays into markdown and pandoc,

So much so that I'd been thinking about going and buying myself a refurbished thinkpad to install linux.

Well maybe I don't need to.

Power up my old imac again Install pandoc. Save the markdown documents into a 'to be processed' folder on dropbox. Pull the files down and run pandoc, and upload the output files. Save $250.

What's more, given that there's a bash curl script to upload to dropbox out in the wild it ought to be scriptable ....

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Peter Sefton said...

So this is essentially the design pattern I've been using for years with various systems, starting with ICE (Integrated Content Environment) at USQ and now with CurateIt - being developed at UWS alongside our metadata stores work, essentially we have a daemon watching the file system (including network shares and DropBox folders copied to same) and generating web-ready previews for EVERYTHING, .md files are next on the list but it already generates HTML for office documents, generates image thumbnails, transcodes video etc.