Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Evolution and exchange 365

Back in December I mentioned that at work we'd changed to Office 365 for email, and how to get gmail set up as a client to office 365.This works well as a solution and I've been happily using it, especially as the gmail clients for android and iOS are sensible enough to use the work email account to send email if you change the 'send' account appropriately.

However,  Libre Office on Ubuntu has this nice feature that if you want to send a document (or a pdf version) to someone it fires up the evolution send dialogue. (Actually, what it's doing is starting the default local mail client - it doesn't have any capabilities to start a webmail client)

Evolution is,  of course, the default graphical email client that ships by default with Ubuntu.

To make the dialogue work for you in an Exchange 365 mail environment,  you of course need to configure evolution.

Rather than working it out for myself I resorted to Google and found this really clear  'how to' on the web.

 I've checked that it works (and it does!), although obviously you'll need to personalise it with your own Office 365 settings. To find these sign into to Office 365 as if you wanted to read your email.After signing in click on Options > See All Options > Account > My Account > Settings for POP, IMAP and SMTP access and make a note of this information as you'll need the server names when configuring it, and remember that the username formats are in the form As always, you local IT support should be able to help you with the information even if Evolution is a bit of a mystery to them.

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