Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Goodbye Hotmail

Microsoft is finally killing off the Hotmail brand, although it''s allowing you to keep your old hotmail address.

Like this guy in the Guardian, I've lived with the shame for what's now fifteen years. Microsoft did once send me a congratulatory email for being a hotmail user for over ten years, but I wouldn't say I've been an avid user, but I do still use my account - not as my everyday email account but for occasions where I've had to give an email for a one off purpose or for the odd one off message such as from a public terminal in an airport where the wifi's expensive and you don't have data roaming turned on.

It's useful, and like the guy in Guardian I'll probably keep my account, even if, like now I consolidate all my email back to my gmail account, as I do with my other accounts.

It even has a sensible name, even if I chose to put an underscore in the middle of it - which has caused endless trouble over the years trying to explain to people its an underscrore not a dash ...

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