Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Nevernote 0.97

Following on from my struggles with NeverNote on a Dell laptop, I fired up my ubuntu VM and tested 0.96 again, where it ran perfectly if a tad slowly, forcing me to conclude that there must be some weird lowlevel java problem on the Dell.

As Nevernote 0.97 has been released, I decided to build a debian vm and see if it worked (if I was being strict about a test regime I should of course tested against Ubuntu 10.10, but I wanted to see what Debian was like these days).

After a minor struggle during which I discovered (a) I didn't know how to drive KDE anymore (b) java wasn't installed by default, I installed NeverNote 0.97 and it basically worked. A few minor display issues on some webclippings, but basically it worked.

So my advice is this:
  • Try installing 0.97 on linux, there is no reason why it should not work for you
  • If it hangs with Qt.Jambi errors try the 0.92 version - this one works for me
As always your mileage may vary

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