Friday, 6 November 2009

Syncing my Google Calendar with my Nokia

I recently got myself a Nokia E63, and while my provider did an all you can eat deal for email - effectively turning it into a poor man's blackberry, calendar synchronisation wasn't included.

However, I found a company called that provides a basic sync service for GBP5.99 (say $11) for a year, using syncml. They also do a 7 day trial.

I tried the trial service - seemed to work pretty well so I signed up for the full service. Obviously with any sync service you need to make sure sync via wi-fi where possible as it tends to rack up data charges - the raw ics file out of my calendar is around 850k, just to give an idea of things.

Setting up was fairly easy - they send a magic sms message to configure sync and once you've provided lgin information and the like you're away. Once set up it just works. Synchronisation is on demand allowing you to choose which network to sync over.

The basic service doesn't transfer tasks - you pay extra for that. Now while I use tasks inside of google calendar as a set of reminders, I tend to work off the screen while ploughing through the to-do's so I reckoned I didn't need it so didn't pay for it, reckoning I can always upgrade later.


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