Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Crunchbang Linux - the conclusion

I've been using my crunchbang installation for about a week now, mainly for writing using kwrite, reading email and blogs via gmail and google reader, through firefox, and the odd bit of terminal work.

Nothing computationally heavy, and I havn't used any heavyweight Ajax applications. All on a 700MHz 192 MB PC - less grunt than a netbook.

basically it's

  • fast to load
  • stable
  • application install (kwrite) no worse than standard ubuntu
  • text input via an editor is responsive
  • web browser performance no worse than under more heavyweight installs
  • menu configuration is a bit of a black art
  • networking configuration likewise
  • the pre-installed apps function well
  • fast to shut down
Conclusion - good and a worthwhile alternative to Xubuntu or Fluxbuntu, especially for older machines.

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