Sunday, 15 January 2023

Twitter and Mastodon two months on

 Well, it's around two months since the Twitter became a Musk enterpise, and I, like a lot of other people decamped to Mastodon.

At the time of the Musk takeover, I fully intended to abandon Twitter and stop posting.

Well, I havn't. Inertia and convenience and all these other things have kept me engaged.

I don't like a lot of the changes to Twitter and one day, I might simply stop using it, but when? Who knows.

At the same time Mastodon is an interesting experience. 

At the moment I'm basically lurking, but there's some interesting material and stimulating posts there. It's definitely much more of an online community than twitter, but I don't find it a replacement, more a complimentary service to Twitter.

Now this could simply be because I'm an anti social introvert and don't really feel comfortable with throwing myself into online social interactions, much in the same way that I'm not good at small talk but I don't think so.

This of course is a weird time - we've just had the holiday season - Christmas, Hannukah, New Year etc, and of course it's also the annual holiday time in the southern hemisphere when a lot of people go away and drop out of circulation for a week or three.

Rather more I think it's because I havn't yet found my tribe.

In a sense this is not surprising - it took me a couple of years to get comfortable with Twitter, so I don't see why Mastodon should be any different ...

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