Monday, 19 December 2022

More retro technology - an MP3 player no less


Recently I invested in a very basic no name MP3 player sourced from ebay - which might seem a very strange and retro choice given nowadays one just uses one's phone - tellingly Apple ditched the ipod some years ago.

Well, I have a use case - gardening.

When you're grubbing about pulling out weeds and roots, wearing gardening gloves, touch screen devices are a pain - just as when I'm documenting down at the pharmacy.

And of course, it's a messy mucky environment out there.

For years I used an original Apple iPod - and it worked really well, until the rotary switch thingie died. 

I tried various cheapie MP3 players as a replacement, which were all crap and ending up buying myself a refurbished iPod back in 2018.

That also worked well, but the world has moved on. Not everything is available via iTunes, and sometimes you need to download audio direct from the producer's website, so something where you just download the file and copy it over seemed the best solution.

So I'm back with a noname MP3 player. I'm mostly listening to podcasts of talk radio so I don't need stellar quality.

The earphones that came with it were not particularly good quality, but swapping them for an old pair of Samsung earphones solved that little problem, and the user interface looks like it has been designed by a Fortran programmer - a maze of twisty little menus all different.

However if you get lost in the menu maze switching it off and on again is a surefire way back  to the main menu.

However, I didn't pay a lot for it and if a crap menu system is the price I have to pay for listening to an extended radio interview with Lucy Worsley while pulling weeds, so be it

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