Monday, 3 February 2014

Routers and ISP's

I’ve previously written about my fun with a 3G router and our rather sketchy home adsl service.

having got the 3G router working and providing a reasonable alternative, we decided to then change ISP’s to one offering a cheaper phone and internet package.

Perhaps because they have a newer DSLAM, or supplied a new router better able to cope with the 1980’s legacy copper cabling, or even that a lot of people have been away on holidays, there new service has proved stable - perhaps not quite as fast as the previous service, but I’ll trade speed for stability.

Since changing ove we’ve used the internet just as much as previously, and we’ve only ever once lost sync on the copper adsl and failed over to 3G network - if this degree of resilience keeps up we can probably just carry on with a pay as you go 3G usb modem for network backup.

However, there’s still the caveat that today is the first day that kids are back at school and holidays are most definitely over - be interesting to see what happens with the early evening slowdown and what sort of network resilience we get

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