Tuesday, 15 May 2012

just killed my facebook ...

Well I've gone and deactivated my facebook account.

Never used the damned thing (much). Yes, when I set it up it was kind of gratifying to friend and be friended by old acquaintances, but they were really just that. Old acquaintances. Don't get me wrong, there's quite a few I'd have been happy to have dinner with and catch up with but they weren't part of my life and I wasn't part of their life.

Google plus is another - got it because I use a lot of the tools from big G and it's kind of mandatory to hae it, but don't use it.

The one bit of social network technology I use is twitter - but really as a curated rss feed, a way of sharing useful links and information with people I work with, even if they're in another timezone or another continent even.

And twitter is useful for rolling news updates as in emergency management and useful for 'presence updates' - if someone tweets that they're in an airport you know there's a good chance emailing them might be more useful than calling them, especially if it's something knotty.

So, if you're missing me on facebook it's not personal, 'cos it wasn't that personal to start with ...

[also see my post 'Withdrawing from Social Media']

[update 20/05 - of course facebook has sneaked into our lives by providing authentication services for other sites - had to turn the damned thing back on ...]

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