Sunday, 1 May 2011

Entering books into LibraryThing (and a little pornography)

Entering books into LibraryThing
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Adding books to librarything has proved strangely therapeutic at the end of the working day - come home, make myself some tea, squat on the floor with the netbook and add some books. Takes around 45-50 minutes to do a shelf's worth of books, meaning it fits neatly in to that little gap between getting home, talking to J, running the cat's tummy and the evening news on SBS.

Our bookshelves are fairly prosaic knock down and put them up adjustable wood shelves - they came from the Lundia store in York some fifteen or so years ago, and are chiefly notable for travelling half way round the world with us - possibly the best travelled Netherlands Lundia shelving, although there is another manufacturer of the same shelving system in NZ.

Anyway - pornography. While utterly practical and sensible, our Lundia shelving is woody and boring - basically as sensible and indestructable as an old Volvo wagon and with about the same amount of sex appeal. So following the 'books do furnish a room' meme we've been looking for inspiration for something a bit stylish and architectural to have as a feature bookcase.

And thanks to Poetry News we've come across the Bookshelf Porn - not a naked body in sight, just lots and lots of sexy bookcase shots - and if that doesn't push your buttons there's the slightly more hardcore Bookcase Porn - seriously sexy bits of design. Definitely droolworthy ...

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