Sunday, 20 December 2009

been bush

dead tree
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been off for a few days bushwalking in victoria, during which time we lived in a rather nice tin hut on the edge of the bush, and very much off net - no internet connection, no 3G, although strangely enough GPRS worked allowing us push email - in effect it meant the phone worked little like a portable email reader, but without any web capability, and our trusty travel computer was simply a kilogram of nothing. While I'd thought of buying a prepaid USB 3G modem, I simply hadn't got round to it, not that it would have helped.

Other than that we had to be so last century - watch the tv news to get the weather forecast, read the Age ( and as always wonder why it is so much better a paper than the Canberra Times, despite them both being owned by the same company).

And for a few days it was fun to be disconnected from the illusion of being branché, of being in the flow ...

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