Wednesday, 9 December 2009

2009 - what worked

It's traditional to do an end of year technology review. This is my list of the things that made my life easier in 2009


excellent way to share files between home work and other computers. Just bloody works.

Asus PC 701 SD

proved it's worth while travelling overseas - reliable, light, effective. Don't leave home without one

Interead Cool-er ebook reader

despite my initial reluctance I've warmed to this. It's allowed me to store and have a collection of medieval research (ok, dilletante research) texts on hand while saving untold trees in the process, not to mention allowing me to visit the unknown corners of project gutenberg


Books from the UK at UK prices and free delivery. Incredibly good value - a least something good has come out of the gfc

Crunchbang Linux

fast light effective - the way linux used to be


By turns inane, infuriating, grabbing a handful of sand frustrating, somehow it has turned into something useful if only I could put my finger on it ...

Skype wi-fi phone

a belated mention for last year's undoubted winner. Once you've sampled being able to use skype from anywhere the wi-fi signal goes you won't look back

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