Tuesday, 19 February 2008

S3 and tiered storage

In an earlier post I wrote how a company called zmanda was using Amazon's S3 service for backup. So I guess it's no surprise that another company, moonwalk, have fiited S3 into a tierd storage model, which is not only cool, but also has some interesting implications for disaster recovery and the like.

This morning's SMH had an article covering moonwalk's developments - sort of zmanda and a bit more.

Worth checking out


Anonymous said...

You seen this? Tangentially related:


dgm said...

Following up on the O'Reilly blog cited in the previous comment one of the companies mentioned as providing online backup has been acquired by EMC - which is interesting. Is this this first wave of storage/offsite backup being sold as a service?

And if so where does it put the rumoured google gdrive extension and drive fake ups like Gspace?

Anonymous said...

While it seems logical for Google to offer a 'gdrive', it's also been rumoured for a long time and hasn't arrived yet, so I'll wait till it gets here.