Friday, 15 February 2008

Docvert - cool document conversion

One of the great problems with digital preservation is getting documents into a standard format for indexing and preservation. The National Archive uses Xena to normalise the document to XML, but I've just come across Docvert, which is kind of like Xena on drugs. Very powerful, very slick. An excellent solution to the bulk document conversion problem and one which can be pipelined for onward processing of the document.


Unknown said...

Which national archive? I quite often face this question .. Everybody assumes you know. There's the British one, the Australian one, etc etc - and it took me a couple of other clicks on other posts of yours to see 'Canberra', from which I infer it's the Australian National Archive that uses xena. Alison

hollowaynz said...

Hmm... is "on drugs" a complement or not? ;)