Monday, 22 January 2007

final version of orage synchronisation script ...

and the final version of the orage synchronisation script is :

touch ~/calendar/basic.ics
date >> ~/calendar/google_download.log
while test ! -s ~/calendar/basic.ics
wget -rK -nH -O ~/calendar/basic.ics -a ~/calendar/google_download.log
sleep 30
if test -s ~/calendar/basic.ics
mv ~/.config/xfce4/orage/orage.ics ~/.config/xfce4/orage/orage_old.ics
mv ~/calendar/basic.ics ~/.config/xfce4/orage/orage.ics

elegant, its is not, but it works.


beny said...
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dgm said...

this script does make one crucial assumption - that you are using xfce4 as a window manager.

If you are not you will have to find the location of the ics file and modify the script accordingly.

As always, your mileage may vary

dgm said...

this script will not work with orage 4.5. In orage 4.5 the default location of the data file is ~/.local/share/orage/orage.ics

Obviously you could modify the script to use the new file location but this is currently untested. Some assembly/experimentation is required :-)