Wednesday, 8 March 2023


 I've finally got off my arse with respect to retro photography.

And then I had a massive panic - what to do if the photolab wanted to deliver the scanned negatives on DVD.

We don't have any DVD drives and I wondered if we were about to have a floppy disk moment and discover we couldn't get the images read.

Part of the reason I was panicking was that we've been here before with DVD's when J needed a copy of her joint scans to take to a surgeon in Canberra who used a different X-Ray archiving service. 

(In the end the data storage people arranged to get copies printed on plastic film which solved that problem.)

However a quick search of various online market places (ebay, amazon) revealed that external USB2 and USB3 DVD drives were still available and not outrageously priced ...

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