Thursday, 22 September 2022

House cleaning

 Earlier today I posted the following thread on twitter

The backstory is that when we were working on the ANDS funded MS03 metadata stores project we started looking for examples, especially we were also working on the related Data Commons project at the time.

So I signed up for these services (I think I also signed up for Mendeley, but if I did I've lost my account details) to see what they actually gave you.

I've always thought that, as well as eating one's own dogfood, ie using one's own systems and software for real, it's important to experiment with alternative solutions and products - after all they might provide something better.

At the end of the project I should have got rid of the accounts, but who does?

And I did actually use them to find some research on something I was looking at later on, but to be honest they weren't really that useful.

Well, I've been gone from the wonderful world of work for nearly seven years now, so I decided that it was time for a Mari Kondo moment and get rid of things that no longer sparked joy.

So I had a search through my Google password manager list and found quite a few sites I had accounts on I'd completely forgotten about (like Xing? Really?) and I made the effort to go and login to the site, delete my account, and then delete it out of the password manager.

Probably something worth doing every so often ...

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