Friday, 5 June 2020

Notable ...

When I built my Xubuntu machine for research I suggested installing Standard Notes as a notes management application.

I didn't install it at the time but yesterday I started a little project on the Yelverton case to track its coverage through newspapers of the time.

I'd forgotten how sparse and featureless Standard Notes was without a paid subscription, so much so that it was useless to me. I guess I could have used CherryTree, which I've used in the past, but instead I though I'd try Notable, which has a feature list similar to that of CherryTree back in 2017 when played with it, but with one important addition - MarkDown support.

For some people this might well be a hindrance, but given that I usually use MarkDown when writing notes to give myself some semi structured text, to me it's an advantage.

There's also a windows client, meaning that if you add Google drive support to both your Xubuntu and Windows machines you can share the database between the two machines.

I havn't played with it extensively yet, but from a bit of work I did yesterday, it's looking good ...

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