Sunday, 1 March 2020

Using an end of life Chromebook

Twelve months ago my Chromebook went end of life,

As it was one of the Exynos based models, I didn't have the option of loading an alternative OS, so I decided to procrastinate until things broke.

As there's some security exploits out there for older versions of Chrome I havn't used my machine for anything sensitive like online banking but otherwise I've carried on as before.

Now basically I use my Chromebook in bed for the following:

  • read my email
  • check twitter
  • use inoreader, my preferred rss reader
  • reading online news sites - ABC, Guardian Australia, The Age
  • a  bit of Google Docs
  • a bit of blogging
so far, nothing has told me I'm out of date or wildly insecure, which means I've got at least an extra 12 months out of the machine, which is not too shabby given that the downwards drift in the value of the Australian dollar over the last twelve months has pushed up the cost of replacing the device.

So I intend to continue as I was - procrastinating with a purpose. I'll let you know when things start to break ...

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