Saturday, 8 December 2018

An android wifi wierdness ...

I came across a really weird problem the other day.

My Alcatel pixi tablet that I bought in 2015 for note taking no longer sees our home network,

Other android devices  (mostly Samsung, but including the no name android tv decoder) see it just fine.

Over the past few months I've done two things

1) swapped the home router but kept the name and password the same
2) locked the 2.4GHz network to channel 13 to solve a problem with our Fetch box

otherwise nothing.

So I turned the router on and off. Still no connection.

I then reset the tablet back to the factory defaults. Still no joy. Strangely it doesn't even see the wireless repeater we have in the lounge room suggesting that it's some really odd driver problem.

It will however see the Huawei portable internet router, and works just fine.

Interesting J's old  (like 2012) Lenovo Ideapad doesn't see the home network either pointing to it being some wierd driver problem that affects some older versions of Android - maybe they just can't see channel 13...

[update 27/04/2019]

we've been having trouble again with our IP TV box and this time our ISP's support desk (aka) clown central, suggested resetting our router to the defaults.

Once I'd remembered how to get into it to change the network SSID and so on, everything came back to life including our internet tv channels. Just for fun I tried my old Alcatel Pixi 7, and guess what it worked as well.

Don't know if it's down to it not liking wifi channel 13 or some other screwiness, but it now works ...

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