Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Winter documentation gear

One of the problems working on the documentation project is that the old pharmacy is bloody cold, especially on a winter day when the temperature stays resolutely in single figures.

Normally my work kit consists of the following:

  • A4 notebook
  • plastic tool box containing pens, usb sticks, usb cable, magnifying glass, bendy ruler and wax crayon for taking rubbings of bottle embossing
  • cheap artstore visual diary for diagrams, bottle rubbings etc
  • 'proper' paper diary
  • box of disposable nitrile gloves
  • tube of nappy rash powder to absorb sweat and so on from gloves
  • phone (who needs a camera?)
  • laptop
to which for winter I normally add a woolly hat. Definitely unflattering but I'd rather look like a gnome than be cold.

But that leaves a problem. My hands get bloody cold typing, and while I have a little fan heater under my desk, all it really does is turn bloody freezing into just plain cold on days when the temperature hovers around 5C all day.

And then I remembered what I used to do when I worked at Llysdinam field centre in the middle of Wales all these years ago. It was equally cold over winter, in fact once so cold that the locks on my car froze on the way from home to work (it was only two or three km up a steep twisty hill so the car never quite warmed through). 

I use to wear fingerless gloves to type.

So, onto ebay, and I bought a cheap noname pair of fingerless wool gloves. And they really do make all the difference, even if they do make me look like an escapee from a Dickens novel ...

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