Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tightening the folksonomy

Well, after a couple of months on the documentation project I can say

(a) the methodology is working
(b) bench marking the data captured against the publicly available data on Museums Victoria shows we seem to be capturing the right sort of information
(c) I'm getting really good at recognising nineteenth century pharmacists bottles

which is kind of where I'd hope to be.

Having bench marked the data I spent the morning reviewing the first tranche of entries - as I would of expected - the earlier records basically have all the information but are not structured as tightly as the later ones, so as part of the review process I went back and restructured the data, and filled in any missing data.

Besides documenting the remaining three and a bit thousand objects, I guess the next stage is to write some perl (or python) to transform the records in to a true csv file rather than one with sections separated by commas and subsections by colons, which would potentially allow me to spit the file out in any other format (bibtex for artefacts anyone?)

The other fun idea is to build a little online exhibit using Omeka of the more interesting bottles, and again there's enough data to generate object descriptions ....

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