Saturday, 6 August 2016

FX Docuprint p115w and linux

Back about Christmas time I wrote a blog post about how I couldn't get my new and shiny FujiXerox cheapie to work with linux.

Instead of hacking the driver I moved house and lived with the fact that if I needed to print from Linux it was to a pdf and then via dropbox from another device.

But I didn't give up - and yesterday I came across this post on using the Brother HL-1050 driver, so I thought what the hell and tried it. and amazingly if you configure it as a brother hl1050 it seems to work - certainly prints the ubuntu test page ...


Buganini said...

Thanks, this indeed helps.

And it seems because of resolution capabilities is different for these two model, some resolutions lead to blank output, my maximum setting is 600x600.

Unknown said...

For the Fuji DocuPrint P115W on Linux try:

NOTE: my printer IP is, so replace it with your printer's IP.

You can see the available ports for your printer on:

Available service/Ports that should work for you:
* PCL_P1

So in the Linux Printer manager, use the following for PCL:
Device URI: lpd://
Driver: Generic PCL Laser Printer

here is a screenshot: