Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Printing from the cloud with RollApp

RollApp - the service that lets you run applications from a web browser - has just announced a facility to allow you to print locally from your remote application.

Reading between the lines, it works a little like Office 365 or Google Apps printing by generating a pdf which is transferred to you local machine for printing.

But there's a couple of questions about this:

1) If you're using a chromebook or an android tablet with a keyboard as your desktop device you're going to have access to CloudPrint, so why the two step process - what would be cool would be able to queue the file directly

2) If you're working on the train, the bus, or in a coffee shop the chances are you don't have a local printer - again queueing it to one of your cloud devices, or using something like Epson or HP's print via email service to a remote printer is probably what you want to use

So, good idea and a good first step, but not the complete answer ... 

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