Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nixnote 1.6 and an OAuth error

When we go to Europe this winter I'll be taking my newly Xubuntu-ized netbook with me, as well as the usual tablet etc.

Now I've stored copies of the various plane and train dockets in Evernote, so I thought it would make sense to install Nixnote, the third party linux Evernote client that I've reviewed previously.

As always I thought I'd test it by upgrading the version on my work linux machine first to the latest version, version 1.6.

And it broke.

But fortunately there's an easy fix. The summary of what you need to do goes like this:

Download the latest 1.6 stable release from the SourceForge repository.

Install it with the command

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/nixnote-1.6_something.deb

(replace the something with the version for your architecture eg i386)

Then, following the instructions, download the fixed nixnote.jar

Update the nixnote install as follows:

cd /usr/share/nixnote
sudo cp nixnote.jar nixnote.jar.old
sudo cp ~/Downloads/nixnote.jar .
nixnote &

Nixnote should start up and you should be prompted to authenticate against Evernote and authorise the Nixnote app to access your data.

As always your mileage may vary and the location of files, including the download folder may differ on your system.

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