Wednesday, 3 December 2014

2014 - what worked

In previous years I’ve done a ‘what worked’ post about this time.

I’m not doing one this year, for the simple reason that when I look back at the 2013 post, not much has changed.

To be sure, I’ve taken to using ReText for writing notes and the resurrected ookygoo as a writing machine, but truly not much has changed.

We have a better, more stable network connection and using the TP-Link box to allow failover to 3G when the adsl service goes away has been one of my better ideas, as has investing in a second portable 3G router for travel.

The real change this year has been in terms of media consumption - it’s the first year I have bought no music CD’s whatsoever - even managing to satisfy my love of Renaissance and early Baroque through downloads alone, and the first year that I have bought more ebooks than printed books. In fact I’d say that I have bought almost no new physical books - in fact I’d say two, and they were only bought as paperbacks because of the Amazon/Hachette spat, and happened to be on special.

I’ve still bought some second hand out of print books in dead tree format, but with the increases in the availability of digitised texts, even that’s been decreasing - I actually can see a time coming, say in five years time, when I might only buy ebooks …

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