Thursday, 31 July 2014

So what do you use?

I've been a bit remiss posting on this topic - it's actually quite difficult given that I flit between platforms and devices, but I've managed to come up with the following table based on my principle activities:

Windows OS X Linux (Ubuntu) ChromeOS Android
WordProcessing LibreOffice LibreOffice LibreOffice GoogleDocs n/a

LibreOffice via
Lightweight document creation (MarkDown) Retext StackEdit MarkDrop

Retext via
Spreadsheets Libre Office Libre Office Libre Office GoogleDocs n/a

Excel via OneDrive
Email Web client Web client Web client Web Client Application
Twitter Web client Web client Web client Web Client Application
RSS Reader Web client Web client Web client Web Client n/a
Document Management Evernote Evernote Web client Web Client Evernote
PDF Viewer Acrobat Preview Evince Google viewer Acrobat
Epub Reader Calibre Calibre Calibre n/a n/a

This of course doesn't cover the devices used - for example I'me still using my old Cool-er ereader to read epubs offline, while my Kindle is used for recreational reading, and I still use my old noname 7inch tablet for notetaking.

I also find I use my full size windows laptop at weekends for more serious writing but prefer my Chromebook during the week for email, web and rss reading, plus writing the odd snippet. My newer Samsung tablet is used for email, online newspaper reading and online banking, but strangely I still like my original 10" Zpad for viewing images, even if it's a little slow these days ...

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