Monday, 14 April 2014

Nixnote 1.5

I'm an extensive evernote user, and I've played with NixNote the open source Linux client over the years. My use case is that I'm most definitely a linux user as well as an evernote user, meaning that I need to have evernote access from Linux. Until now that has meant the web version - neither nixnote or everpad (another open source client) have delivered

Of the two, Nixnote was clearly the front runner, but even so, I'd describe NixNote up to now as promising - that's changed with version 1.5 which is stable, usable, responsive.

Synchronisation is still a little slow, but overall performance is as good as the official client on both Windows and the Mac and searching for notes faster than using the web version.

Nixnote is also availabe for Windows and OS X but I've never tested these version and can't comment. However, if you're a serious Evernote user with linux inclinations, I'd suggest giving the current version of NixNote a go ...

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