Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chromebook - the best thing

Startup and Shutdown time.

It takes about ten to fifteen seconds to boot and less to shutdown. Faster to boot than either of my Android tablets, an Ubuntu laptop, my Mac, or indeed either my Dell laptop or most definitely my windows netbook.

And like the latter three, there's no fiddling around in the background pretending to have started when they really havn't. Once you're in you're in.

I suddenly realise this last night when it clicked that there was no suspend/sleep/hibernate mode - like a washing machine it's either on or off.

All these stste saving modes (suspend/sleep/hibernate deending on platform) are of course furphies to disguise slow boot times and give the impression of immediacy - people of course expect immediacy.

In a past life I learned this lesson while writing network boot scripts - people needed to believe something was happening even if wasn't really ...

The Chromebook is the first system I've seen (other than a few specialist things with magic firmware) that really comes close to instant on - and I kind of like it ...

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