Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Setting up Gmail to work with Office 365

At the day job, we've changed from Oracle Convergence as an email solution to Office 365.

Prior to the change I had set up my gmail account to harvest my email from Oracle Convergence into gmail so I could use it easily with  the native gmail client on my android phone and tablets without having to configure them individually.

It also had the advantage of allowing to quickly scan the email headers from Gmail at home without having to log into Convergence seperately at the weekend.

Of course, the change of mail solution meant I couldn't carry on doing the same thing. Actually it didn't, - seeting up gmail to harvest email from Office 365 was pretty straight forward.

I've written a basic guide as to how to get Gmail to harvest your email from Office 365 so you can do the same if you find it useful to your way of working.

The guide is a publically shared Google Doc. The guide assumes that your work email alias is of the form and that this is mapped onto an actual account of the form where domain is the name of your windows sub domain.

Your local sysadmin should be able to tell you what the actual values are for your environment if you are unsure.


dgm said...

I'v had a couple of mentions about SMTP timeouts doing this. If you're seeing this check your SMTP settings with your local IT support- basically if you can successfully use a third party client like evolution or you can connect gmail

Unknown said...

It worked for me - thanks!