Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Microsoft surface ...

I was idly musing about my tablet experience over the weekend, and suddenly I had a light bulb moment.

The iPad is clearly a consummate device for consuming content. It doesn't work for work because work  involves doing things, such as replying to emails, producing notes, other short form documents etc.

My experiments with my no name seven inch tablet show there's a use case there. But it is kind of hobbled by the software base. Android (and iPad) lacks the software base required for serious full out work, at best they can be said to be useful tools for supporting work. That's why people on the whole buy MacBook Airs and other similar ultrabooks rather than Asus Transformers.

Enter the Surface. A computer that's supposed to have a more business oriented software base, but which has the virtues of tablet computers - low power consumption, long battery life inutitive interface (in a year we'll all be using the interface formerly known as Metro and will have forgotten about start menus).

So Microsoft have identified a gap in the market, produced a solution, and given's Microsoft's near total ownership of business computing, grabbed a chunk of market real estate.

Very clever - wish I'd thought of it ...

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Arthur said...

Except that it's not out yet, so no chunk of market can be taken yet. It is a good idea. The future of the desktop is the tablet.