Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Help wanted

It's fair to say his blog has a fairly mixed audience - some read it for the hstorical speculation and some read it for the information science stuff.

If you read it for the latter you might be interested in knowing that as part of my day job, I'm currently looking for two people for a set of ANDS funded data capture and Seeding the Commons projects (and incidentally build an archive solution along the way). Details and information on how to apply at if you're interested. For background on what we're trying to accomplish here take a gander at Extracting, Transforming and Archiving Scientific Data at

Please note that the timescale is fairly tight on submitting applications. Applications need to be lodged by 1700 Canberra time (UTC+10) on 04 September (which coincidentally is the traditional anniversary of the deposition of the last western Roman emperor ...)

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