Friday, 25 February 2011

fun with nevernote

Yesterday, I blogged that Nevernote wasn't working for me on my Ubuntu 10.10 test box.

Here's what I did about it:

  • It's a test box. It's possible that I inadvertantly broke something so I decided first of all to try it with a couple of other distros
  • Debian. Chose this as Ubuntu is kind of like Debian and I've had good experiences with earlier Debian installs. Failed to install as it needed some third party network modules not included in the distro. I could have fixed this but for the want of a usb stick the install was lost ...
  • Mandriva - wiped the machine and installed Mandriva One which more akin to Red Hat and uses KDE rather than gnome as a default window manager. Downloaded the rpm of the latest (0.96) version of Nevernote which promptly failed to install with perl module incompatibility errors
  • Ubuntu 10.10. Downloaded and burned a fresh copy from the Ubuntu site in case there had been something amiss with my original download. Installed this along side Mandriva (I later discovered that my Ubuntu install had in fact trashed the Mandriva install, but such is life - I had planned to see if I could get an earlier version of Nevernote runing on Mandriva)
  • Did not install the suggested updates, keeping my machine as close to the original 10.10 install as possible.
  • Downloaded and installed the latest 0.96 version of Nevernote. This installed sluggishly and when started, hung just the same way as before. Removed this using computer janitor and rebooted.
  • Since I'd had troubles with the 0.95 version decided to install an earlier version and chose the 0.92 version, as it's release date had been 10/10/2010, the same as Ubuntu 10.10. Installed and it worked. Closed it down and restarted it and it still worked. Rebooted the machine and it still worked, and was fairly fast.
  • Downloaded and installed all the Ubuntu suggested updates. Checked NeverNote still worked. It did.
  • Added in my two favourite extra applications, AbiWord and KWrite, and NeverNote still worked. Did not install either Pan, or Pidgin, which I have in the past, and also did not reinstall the Grub Menu editor.
  • I then wiped the machine and rebuilt it, reinstalling NeverNote, AbiWord and Kwrite as a consistency check and indeed everything worked as it should.
So, while your mileage may vary, especially as I've built only built a version that works on specific hardware, if you're having problems getting the latest version of Nevernote to run on Ubuntu 10.10 I'd suggest reverting to 0.92. It is possible that 0.94 also runs well but I have not tested it. I've also not tested 0.92.1, which I probably should.

However Nevernote appears to work as installed and is fine for both synchronising and creating text notes.

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